I am Arslan Ali and I am the founder of The Arslan Studio.

I am a logo and brand identity designer who specializes in creating visual designs that represent a company or brand. This includes the creation of a logo, which is a symbol or graphic element that represents the brand, as well as the development of a brand identity, which is the overall visual appearance of the brand, including its color palette, typography, and other design elements.

My role is to create a cohesive, visually appealing, and memorable brand image that effectively communicates the values and personality of the brand to its target audience. This may involve conducting market research, developing creative concepts, creating prototypes and mockups, and working with clients to refine and finalize designs.

What I Do

I straighten Business and Brand Strategy. I create captivating Brand Identities. I deliver engaging and ever lasting Brand Experiences. I love big, bold, aspiring, brave ideas. As an specialist branding agency, I am committed to delivering unique ideas that strengthen brands and encourage organizations.

Brand Strategy

I help clients turn vision into reality. Brand strategy – working with clients to develop how they build their reputation, how and where they are stand and how they can tackle their brand and image to improve their business, communications and relationships with customers.

Brand Creation

I create solid and significant brands. From naming to brand identity, brand styles and brand consulting– I visualize, manage, create and refresh brands. Brand creation and communications that get identification, loyalty and customer demand.

Brand Experience

I encourage people to connect and engage. Through our skills and understanding in brand experience, I convey creative ideas and communications across branded environments, digital media and direct response campaigns, I help clients get what they want.