What is Branding

Creative and Artistic Direction

To initiate any project created or visual identity makeover, it is important to sit reflection on a clear definition of objectives. The overall quality of identity therefore requires these important steps:

  • Creative brief : reinterpreting need, we can formulate in writing the problems, constraints and challenges
  • Creative axes : then determined lines of thought, as many interpretive trails that are part of the resolution of the creative brief. Only axes consistent with the objective and validated models will be
  • Artistic direction : we finally fixed the visual and aesthetic style that will be privileged in order to market the brand logo, graphic or signage

Thus, we are improving the conduct of the mission while avoiding the pitfalls, taking into account the competitive landscape by analyzing copy and justifying and validating each step brings us closer to the goal.

Logo & Brand

Around the contracted term “logo” in fact we find as many creative possibilities and functions. It should actually make the state the need for your project, because each brand nurtures ambitions and specific constraints. We distinguish in particular:


it is the first representation of your brand, the written transcript of his sound. The logo, as its name indicates is therefore a typographic article whose consistency with the sound and the image that it returns are crucial. As for originality, it may well arise from a pure type design, such as the unique combination of a known iron with the characters of your name


unlike the logo, it is intended to represent figuratively a concept or thing. It does not read but it is interpreted. As such, it can deliver more information about your brand, your business or your vision. A good pictogram can live with the logo or substitute: Forward, like the logo, it should represent the unequivocal brand


one could say that it is the crossroads of two previous articles. The monogram is a typographic work that uses the initials or logo of your brand. In this sense, it takes a bit of both functions, nominative and figurative, and in some cases may eventually replace the brand

Brand block

it is the assembly of various components of the brand identity in a structured block. It may consist of a logotype associated with a symbol, the most generally. One can also find there signature or baseline of the brand. For each project, several blocks brands coexist as constraints vertical / horizontal, or translation of the signature for different territories

Graphic Charter

Translating your core values ​​requires the definition of communication you own doctrines: colors, layouts and illustrations of communication to reveal your universe. Among the most common destinations of a graphic include:

  • Stationary : this is the design of matching documents required for almost any entity. The need for stationery is unique to each and covers a wide range of documents. Besides the classic business card and letterhead paper, note digital stationery with Word mail templates or PowerPoint presentation
  • Specification standards : in the most complex projects, we will use a notebook listing all building regulations, declination and use of elements of the brand and graphic. This particular book will include templates and will be updated with the developments of the brand. It is particularly necessary when the number of people, services and others who use the mark becomes important
  • Signs and iconography : these include typographical and pictorial versions which identify ranges, products, buildings, signs or functions in software or website

Design / Drafting

In addition to the creative work on the visual identity, we provide the design and drafting resources for your naming projects, they apply to your business name, that of a project, a product, a range, an event, a concept or a technology.

  • Search name : the mere mention of your brand should afford a communications economy. Putting semantics to service your philosophy is verbally translate your identity and associate its image in the public mind
  • Baseline or signing : whether to narrow your positioning or to illustrate a targeted communication campaign, the definition of a baseline serves to highlight one aspect of your identity. It operates within the sphere of your brand and can evolve more regularly when your brand rather capitalizes on longevity